Sharing Expertise, Resources (and Laughs) to Make Great Brands.

Why Dunn’s River?

Dunn’s River Brands takes its name from the beautiful area of Jamaica where four rivers flow together to form a majestic waterfall. We feel this is a perfect metaphor for our company. A place where multiple beverages can come together, share resources (and a lot of laughs) and combine to create something spectacular!


William Meissner

Chief Executive Officer

Bill is an authority in all aspects of beverage – from brand building to organizational structure to finance and executive leadership. Bill is the former CEO of companies such as Jones Soda, Talking Rain (Sparkling Ice) and Genesis Today. His background includes senior posts at both Pepsi and Coke and was the driving force behind innovations such as NOS Energy Drinks, FUZE and SoBe Beverages.


Kevin McClafferty


Kevin is the quintessential sales machine. Following senior corporate positions with Nabisco and Sara Lee, Kevin turned his talents to the ready-to-drink beverage market, in this case smoothies with Bolthouse farms as VP of Sales. From there it was a steady climb up to Talking Rain, where he succeeded Meissner as CEO, to Marley Beverages, the first start up to do 1 million cases its first year to now Dunn’s River Brands.


Vance Fisher

Chief Financial Officer

Vance is more than a seasoned and accomplished finance executive.  His broad expertise in corporate strategy and operations was honed while serving in executive leadership roles in numerous industries from privately held to multi-billion public corporations, including Chesapeake Energy, Brinker International, and Daisy Brand.  He honed his expertise in CPG while serving as one of the principal executives at Daisy Brand, helping to lead Daisy through immense triple-digit organic growth in its rise to be the nation’s dominant brand of Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese, reaching close to 90% market share and $1B in annual sales.

Ian Knowles

EVP, Business Development

Ian was born into private equity and deal development. He is also quite the foodie. Ian was a director at the Lucas Group, a mid-market private equity strategy firm founded by former Bain executives. He went on to found LB Equity and later became founder and president of Redwood Breweries, a strategic roll up of breweries to gain efficiencies and drive profitability. Ian was an original founder of Dunn’s River Brands in 2017 and serves on multiple boards and advisory committees.

The Dunn’s River Advantage

There are two things that a beverage company needs to grow:
  • Operational expertise and experience
  • Capital
Our partnership with Fireman Capital Partners perfectly combines our operational experience of building billion dollar beverage brands with an investment partner that helps consumer companies achieve long term success.

Our Brands